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At Leké Beauty, we're on a mission to capture the essence of sun-kissed radiance and deliver it in a lip care and cosmetics brand inspired by the alluring beauty of a ‘Euro Summer’. It's the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, the radiance of sun-kissed days, the carefree spirit of summer, the touch of salt and sand on your skin, and the effortless beauty that glows from within. Our goal is to empower women to feel authentically themselves, embracing their inner Goddess.

In a world filled with bustling routines, everyday chaos, and endless commitments, there's often a simple yet powerful act that can bring a touch of beauty and confidence to our lives – a swipe of colour on the lips. Just like you, there was a woman who understood the transformative magic of lip colour, and a long-lasting one at that. Her name……

Bec Tepe, Founder of Leké Beauty, Melbourne based. Whether she was stepping out the door for work, enjoying a casual brunch, a fancy dinner or savouring a beachside sunset, Lip colour, to her, was more than just makeup; it was a source of radiance and self-expression.

She desired a long-lasting lip product that could embody natural beauty and ignite the spirit of summer. Bec’s envision of a perfect brand would capture the very essence of those warm Mediterranean days, sandy shores, and natural beauty beneath the sun. That dream became the driving force behind Leké Beauty, and the launch of her first product, Leké Lip Lock - a lip stain collection inspired by colourful buildings, Ombré sunsets and Bougainvillea blooms.